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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Evidence of companion gardening is gaining ground.

Some veggies love some flowers. And some plants deter insects and some insects destroy the bad bugs. And some bad bugs cause global pandemics.

Household composting of a few veggie scraps and banana peels is very beneficial for enriching your garden soil. However, with the pile-up of garbage on a massive global scale, something very dangerously different starts to happen. The bacterial decomposition begins to work against beneficial expectations, and bad bugs proliferate in warp drive. This strains health and economic systems, as evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All nations have been methodically transforming Paradise/Earth into a global petri dish!!! For years China and other countries have been accepting garbage from a variety of sources including the USA, which is the top exporter of its garbage.

​​The vulnerability of the healthcare system relies on the economic inability to avoid illness.

Untreated garbage may be a contributing factor to the current corona-virus global pandemic. So what do you think happens to untreated garbage ... it decomposes with bacterial action. It's no secret that bacteria may be transmitted via air-born as well as direct contact from handshakes and surfaces. Washing hands and social distancing is not a solution for the continual pile-up of untreated garbage.

Garbage can be incinerated along with the use of emission filters. Currently, there are 10 known technologies to transform various garbage into energy. <<<Click

In this process, the organics collected from the waste is burnt at a high temperature. This type of treatment is called thermal treatment. The heat generated from this thermal treatment is then used to create energy. The solutions are available but who is not using this technology? Consider this ... utilizing these technologies in EVERY STATE will create many jobs: 1. Build the facility 2. Maintain the facility 3. Service the facility to acquire waste products. ​ MORE jobs, MORE energy, LESS illness! How about a stimulus package to jump-start this endeavor ... so WE can return to the REAL normal. ​ Mapping the global waste crisis <<<click

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