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10 Good Reasons for Raised Bed Gardening

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Tuck a raised bed in a corner of your yard with pollinator plants .... away from sitting and eating areas ... and enjoy the activity.

A raised bed is really a way of setting up your soil for the easiest possible gardening—the NO WORK kind!

Tilling actually creates more weeds by burying weed seeds and giving them the perfect opportunity to propagate. Successful raised bed growers swear by covering their beds with mulch, cardboard, or black plastic in the spring to kill all the plants that grew up in the winter. When it’s time to start planting again, simply rake off the dead weeds before they have a chance to go to seed.

Raised beds provide an easy way to start gardening by removing many barriers for beginners. They take a little bit more investment upfront, but in many ways guarantee success in the first year. Add a box, some soil, some compost, some seeds, some water, and something will grow.

Renters who ache to have a garden should start the discussion with their landlord by showing them a nice photo of a raised bed. A neat, tidy, and properly built garden box can enhance property values and be a feature instead of an eyesore.

1. No tilling is required

2. Your back & knees will thank you

3. Raised beds look nicer, neat & tidy

4. Raised beds help keep out critters

5. Raising your soil means better drainage

6. You will have fewer weeds and crabgrass

7. You can plant raised beds earlier in the season

8. Raised beds can be temporary

9. Raised beds avoid contaminated soil

10. Raised beds are great for beginners

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