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How To Grow An Abundant Garden Naturally

Keep in mind chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, chemical spray-powder = toxic gardening.  These are soaked into the soil.  In turn, the plant roots and leaves absorb these chemicals.   If you grow veggies .... these chem's end-up in the tomatoes and green beans. Eating toxic chemicals is not advised, (illness & cancer is increasing) Avoid self-inflicted illness!   Use natural organic garden products.  Learn about companion planting to avoid the use of chemicals. 

All plants have some type of flower for propagation.   As to flowers, the plant nectar is essentially the toxic chemicals you just applied, which kill pollinators.

Mulch heavy =  retains moisture and prevents weeds.  Cocoa-Shells are really a good choice.  The plants love it ... it's biodegradable and enriches the soil.   The aroma is delicious!  Whereas, the cheap wood-chip mulch is very acidic and retards growth.  Retarded growth is very disappointing.  In most cases, you compensate by adding more fertilizer (usually the chemical stuff), and the chem-cycle becomes runaway madness with more health issues.   Although, some plants thrive in acidic conditions such as holly and blueberries.  Thus, know your plants!


      BIG Organic Farms Do It ... and YOU can too!

Brooklyn Garden ... LoL

Create a relaxing garden niche

Natural Gardens grow Real Food and beautiful flowers.

Garden Shed Supplies

Practice PREVENTION of weeds

Learn Companion Gardening

Milorganite Fertilizer

Cocoa Shell Mulch

Non-GMO Seeds & Plants


SWAT mosquito's with Lemongrass

Plant around sitting & eating area

The secret sauce for a Green Thumb 


Rich soil


Bees contribute 30% and other pollinators 70% to the food chain 

Gradient Ocean

Thrive and Grow Yourself

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